The Virginia Association of Forest Health Professionals

29th Annual Conference


Monday, February 8th, 2021

8:30-8:40        VAFHP Committee: Welcome and Introductions

8:40-9:10        Jill Rose, PA DCNR Bureau of Forestry: Increasing Incidence of Oak Wilt in Pennsylvania Forests

9:15-9:45        David Crosby, Ph.D., VA State University:  Aquatic Health Update

9:50-10:20      Charles Smith, Fairfax County:  Restoring Forests and Riparian Corridors: Considerations for Planning, Implementation, Invasives Control and Monitoring

10-20-10:45   ~Break~

10:45-11:15     Simon Ernstsons, University of Florida: Pre-Invasion Assessments: Which International Wood-Boring Beetles Present a Threat to American Forests?

11:20-11:50     Thomas D. Whitney, Davey Institute: Native or Non-Native?  Historical Biogeography of an Emergent Pest, The Eastern White Pine Bast Scale

11:55-12:25     Ryan Rutherford, VA Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services: Pesticide Regulatory Update

12:25-12:30     Wrap-Up


Tuesday, February 9th, 2021


8:30-8:40           VAFHP Committee: Welcome and Introductions

8:40-9:10           William Powell, Ph.D., SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry: The American Chestnut: How Biotechnology Can be Applied to Conservation

9:15-9:45           Andrew Loyd, Ph.D., Bartlett Tree Experts: Getting to the Root of the Problem: Diagnosis and Management of Root Issues of Woody Plants

9:50-10:20         Adria Bordas, Virginia Cooperative Extension: Pesticide Safety: 'Get the Bug-safely'

10:20-10:45       ~Break~

10:45-11:15        Joe Boggs, Ohio State University Extension: A Series of Unfortunate Diagnostic Events

11:20-11:50        Kyle Rhodes, VA Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services: Spot. Stomp. Slow the Spread.  Spotted Lanternfly Update

11:55-12:25        David Coyle, Ph.D., Clemson University: 2020: The Asian Longhorned Beetle is Now In South Carolina

12:25                 Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks