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VAFHP is the evolution from the Association of Virginia Gypsy Moth Managers (AVGMM).


Section 1 – The Past:

  • AVGMM was developed in the late 1980s in response to the emergence of the gypsy moth caterpillar in northern Virginia.The federal, state and municipal governments organized a defensive plan to adapt to the presence of this new pest.


  • AVGMM was developed by and for the municipal level governments to train, license and help organize the local coordinators.


  • All operational requirements for running AVGMM were provided by the individual municipal government programs.


  • As the gypsy moth populations diminished in the late 1990s, AVGMM expanded the support to include other forest pests.


Section 2 – The Present:

  • In 2007 it was decided that AVGMM had progressed beyond its original mission. AVGMM dissolved in 2008, replaced by VAFHP.


  • VAFHP will carry on with the educational functions of the former AVGMM.


Section 3 – Planned Activities:

  • VAFHP will focus on supporting the urban and rural forest health professionals in the region of Virginia and sharing information with other states.


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