Recertification Credits

The credits below will be available for in-person attendees only to recertify, virtual attendees will not be able to receive recertification.  All forms must be filled out each day of the conference, a brief presentation the first day will provide information about this process.

Reminder: You must be present the entire day to receive credits for that day, no half day credits are available.  Virginia Pesticide Applicators must attend for both days to receive the recertification credit.

We will post all recertification credits available on this page as we receive confirmation from the sponsoring agencies.  Please contact with any questions.

Organizational Credits:


International Society of Arboriculture: Day 1:  6.25 Credits: Certified Arborist, Municipal Specialist, TW Aerial Lift Specialist, TW Climber Specialist; 4.25 Credits: BCMA Management; 1.5 Credits: BCMA Science; 2.75 Credits: Utility Specialist; .5 Credits: BCMA Practice


Day 2: 3 Credits: Certified Arborist, Municipal Specialist, TW Aerial Lift Specialist, TW Climber Specialist; 2 Credits: BCMA Management; 1.5 Credits: Utility Specialist; 1 Credit: BCMA Science

Society of American Foresters:  Day 1: 6 credits; Day 2: 3 credits

Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional: 8 credits for both days

Virginia Certified Horticulturist: 13 credits for both days


State Pesticide Applicator Credits:

Virginia: Day 1 & 2: 2 (Forest Pest Control), 3-A (Ornamental Pest Control), 5-A (Aquatic Pest Control), 6 (Right-of-Way Pest Control), 9 (Regulatory Pest Control), 10 (Demonstration and Research), 60 (Registered Tech)

West Virginia: Day 1: 12 credits: Cat 3 (Forest Pest Control), Cat 7 (Right-of Way and Industrial Weed Control), Cat 11 (Demonstration and Research), Cat 13C (Hardwood Tree Release);

Day 2: 7 credits: Cat 3, Cat 7, Cat 11, Cat 13C


Pennsylvania: Day 1: 8 credits: 05 (Forest Pest Control), 18 (Demonstration and Research), 23 (Park/School Pest Control); 6 credits: PC (Private Category), 3 credits: 06 (Ornamental and Shade Trees), 2 credits: 00 (core); 1 credit: 25 (Aerial Applicator)   

Day 2: 4 credits: PC, 05, 18, 23; 1 credit: 00 


Maryland: Day 1 & 2: 8 credits for Day 1 & 2: 2 (Forest), 5 (Aquatic), 6 (Right-of-Way and Weed), 9 (Regulatory), 10 (Demonstration and Research), Core, PVT

D.C.: Day 1: 8 credits: 00 (Core), 3A (Exterior Ornamental Plants), 3C (Interior Ornamental Plants); Day 2: 4 credits:  00, 3A, 3C


North Carolina: Day 1: 3 credits: G (Forest Pest Control), N (Demonstration & Research), X (Private Pesticide Applicator), D (Dealer); 2.5 credits: L (Ornamental and Turf Pest Control); 

Day 2: 2 credits: N, D, X; 1.5 Credits: G; .5 Credits: H (Right-of-Way)


Tennessee: Pending

Day 1:  Day 2: